1. monuments


    Gay Monument Works Inc.Family Monuments offer the wildest imaginable range of features comprising hundreds of different shapes, sizes, granite colors, contours, sandblasted artwork, diamond and laser-etched, diamond and hand-etched designs. Through equisite artwork and designs, Family Monuments are enduring granite canvases that commemorate the lives and celebrate the memories of loved ones that are cherished by friends and family.

  2. mausoleums


    A private family walk-in mausoleums lends a special intimacy, allowing family members to reflect on cherished moments in an enclosed alcove protected from the elements. Inside, stained glass windows reflect beautiful colors on polished granite. Clerestory windows on the sides bring the much light. Private walk-in mausoleums can accomodate more than a dozen crypts and be configured with cremation niches.
    If you choose to prefer a Private non-walk-in mausoleum we can accomodate anywhere from 1 crypt to more than 12. Any desired architechural features, from detailed molding to finely carved murals, can be achieved to personalize your private family mausoleum

  3. bench

    Bench Designs

    Benches are a beautiful resting place that provide santuary to people mourning or celebrating the memory of friends, family and loved ones. Wheather intended to complement private mausoleums, community mausoleums, cemetery gardens or scattering gardens, granite benches are built to last and esthetically designed to accomodate a tranquil and comtemplative environment.

  4. columbariums


    Family Monuments offers the widest selection of columbariums, from pre-assembled to extensively designed models with architectural features that can accomodate hundreds of niches. Combining the best in durability and design, Family Monuments columbariums can be customized with various architectural styles, personalized carvings, and specialized features, including stained glass, bronze and granite sculptures.

    2 December, 2013

  5. bronze

    Bronze Memorials

    Gay Monuments Works complement the beauty of bronze with the natural colors and patterns of granite that can be personalized with bronze emblems, Precious portraits and Expressions in Bronze portraits.

  6. flat

    Flat memorials

    If painters have brushes, stoncrafters have sandblasters. Carried out by a tool shooting compressed streams of fine abrasives on granite, sandblasting enables a stonecreafter to create colors and images that revela the beauty of granite. From flowers, religious symbols, emblems, flags, angels, natural scenery, and portraits. Family Monuments (Gay Monument Works) artists can sandblast any desired pattern of artwork reflecting lifestyles of the memorialized.

  7. cremation

    Cremation Memorials

    More people are choosing cremation. That doesn't mean they shouldn't be honored with memorials. A memorial serves a key function, providing a santuary for family members to honor a loved one through a memorial reflecting that person's life. Cremation memorials feature beautiful and innovative designs and a breath of variety ranging from cored boulders, cored benches developed with stunning statuary, pillars and probze-on-granite flat memorials.

  8. curbing

    Sawn/Pavers Curbing

    Granite curbing and landscapes stone from Gay Monument Works are amoung the best and longest lasting building materials and are ideal for any curbing and landscaping project in Addition to granite curbing's strength, it has a natural beauty unmatched by concrete or oter synthetic stone materials. Granite is the stone of choice from the mose discriminating architects and commercial developers because of its natural beauty, resistance to heat, cold and bad weather. Granite curbing can take the every day pounding of large vehicles, salt, chemicals, scraping, heavy traffic and stay functional and beautiful.

  9. wall

    Retaining Wall

    Family Monuments retaining walls offer incrediable durability and batural beauty at an affordable price. They are easy to install and easy to maintain.

  10. stone

    Glacier Stone

    Glacier Stone's unique finish makes it ideal for walls, fireplaces and other applications where a natural stone look is desired. It is made by tumbling stone to create a smoother, worn surface look. It is then split, providing two distinctly different design options. It can be set in mortar with the tumbled side exposed to create a field stone look , or, it can be set with the split exposed to provide a rough-textured look. Glacier Stone is available in single or multiple colors.

  11. fountains

    Boulders & Fountains

    Boulders and bollards can add natural drama to most any landscape. They can effectively delineate space, serve as a focial point, or can put to beautiful use in waterfalls. If you want a soothing tranquility and peaceful sounds at your home, office or villa our Water Fountains are available to fit any specific need you might have. You can choose from many different designs, or we can accomodate you and create a custom fountain to fit your need.

  12. countertop

    Countertop Slabs

    Next to diamonds, there isnothing harder than granite. It is not affected by extremes in temperatures and under normal conditions, granite resists etching by knives, houshold acids and kitchenware. Have the perfect countertop with our exquisite piece of granite.

  13. tiles

    Tile-Entrance Way

    Create a breakthtaking entrance into your home, office or villa